Mercer Botanicals

Informational Video for Mercer Botanical’s Website

Mercer Botanicals

Sometimes clients need a very simple video to communicate their message.

Mercer Botanicals grows a variety of house plants to sell to nurseries and home improvement stores throughout Florida. They wanted a short description of ‘who they are’ for their new website, in a marketing push to attract new buyers. With a tight marketing budget after their website re-build, they needed to keep costs very low. Blackburst was able to create this ultra-low budget video, that was shot in 1 day at the client’s facility with a very small crew. Not every video project needs to be complex or incorporate the latest techniques; sometimes you just need to communicate your message in a way that written copy can’t.

Mr. Mercer’s choice to appear in the video helped him communicate to new potential customers in a more personal way. Mercer Botanicals is a family owned business and personal relationships with buyers are very important in his business.