Game To End – Music Video [content warning – language]

This music video was produced to promote the 2013 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival show, Key of E. The song, “Game to End”, was a popular, driving musical number, feature in the show. The music video was created to be a central component of a social media marketing campaign to drive ticket sales and generate buzz for the theater show.

The sold out festival show, Key of E, won numerous awards, thanks in part to strong attendance and awareness for the project. Out of the performance at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, the show went on to be performed at other Florida venues and in a New York City theatre festival, in no small part, due to it’s initial success.

Music Video - Game to End

“Game To End” – Music Video – Promo Video

Key of E / Dark Side of Saturn

Andy Matchett

Walter Lowe – Blackburst Entertainment