Television and Video Interviews are at the very core of what we do. For a video to be effective, it needs to communicate and idea, story or message, and in many cases a project will use interviews as a medium to communicate that message.

We’ve shot hundreds of interviews for projects ranging from corporate video production to broadcast television to documentary films. The interview may be one of the most basic skills in a production company’s list of capabilities, but there are many variations and the difference between a passable interview and a great interview can mean everything to the final outcome of your project.

At Blackbust we are interview experts. The background, the lighting, the distance between camera and subject, the number of cameras, the atmosphere our directors and crews create for the subject, and the way our skilled producers conduct the session… all of these things have an enormous impact, not only on the look, but on the content and final outcome of the interview. Whether its indoor, outdoor, studio, greenscreen, on an airplane in flight… 1 camera or 3… we’ve done it all and we have the skills, equipment and experience to make your next interview shoot a home-run for your project.

Advanced Video Interview Options

Great lighting, composition and sound are all hallmarks of a proper interview, but we offer quite a few upgrades to the basic single camera interview that are worth your time.

A second camera gives you options during the edit. Having a 2nd angle creates editing possibilities when condensing a clip that just takes to long to get to the point or can emphasize or shape parts of the story.

We can make your 2nd angle even more interesting by adding a camera slider or jib / camera crane for a moving 2nd angle. Camera movement can draw the viewer in and hold their interest during a long interview or match the energy of a high-impact, fast paced video. Blackburst offers an easy and affordable slider upgrade with their Kessler CineSlider and a more advanced upgrade with their Kessler 8 or 12 foot motorized jib.

Shooting at The Blackburst Studio gives you the option to shoot your interview on pure black, pure white, against a variety of colored and textured backdrops, even against our full-length chromakey wall. When you’re considering the time you might put into finding a suitable location and the potential difficulties encountered when shooting on location, shooting in studio can simplify and save time.

Speaking of chroma key / green screen interview backgrounds, Blackburst’s creative team powers the industry’s premier, royalty free, green screen background video website. Video producers, editors, compositors, and post supervisors around the world visit the ProPlates – Professional Green Screen Background Plates website to find high-end green screen interview backgrounds for their television and video production projects. Although Blackburst can shoot custom chroma key background plates for your green screen interview, our customers also have the option of selecting a background from the ProPlates site free of charge if you’re shooting with us.

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