Ready, Set, Renovate! TV Show

Broadcast Television Show / Home Renovation Show

Ready, Set, Renovate! is an Orlando based home renovation tv show that follows real people and their home renovation stories throughout Florida. The show features interesting renovation projects large and small with a focus on the stories of the people behind the renovations.

Blackburst Entertainment joined producer & host Elizabeth Hart’s growing television project at the start of the show’s second season and has provided full-service production for multiple episodes in season 2, 3 and now season 4. Ready, Set, Renovate! airs in every major TV market in Florida, as well as a several markets outside the state.

In 2019, Ready, Set, Renovate! was nominated for a Suncoast Emmy Award for the Hurricane Special episode in the Lifestyle TV Show category. For this episode, our crew traveled to hurricane ravaged, Mexico Beach Florida, the epicenter of Hurricane Michael’s destruction. We went in search of stories focusing on rebuilding and to learn about a special home that survived the storm where every other house was leveled… The Sand Palace.

30 Minute – Reality / Feature News


Orlando Sentinel: Elizabeth Hart Returns
Orlando Sentinel: Elizabeth Hart returns with stories of renewal, renovation

National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences – Emmy Award Nominee

Producer & Host:
Elizabeth Hart

Walter Lowe

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