Azma FLT Website Video

Blackburst Entertainment provides video marketing and instructional video content for Azma FLT, Orlando’s top flight training provider in the high-end business jet training field. John Azma’s team wanted to create a bold new look for their new website launch, feature an ultra-wide screen video experience, taking style cues for the curved look of new high-end HD displays. The video is intended to be viewed full screen on a high resolution, very wide screen, at 4k resolution.

Blackburst utilized a custom created virtual set to give this video a modern, tech look. Professional talent was cast to deliver the message alongside Azma FLT managing partner, Isabelle Azma.

Azma Flight Training Website Video

Azma FLT Web Company Overview Video

Azma FLT

Walter Lowe – Blackburst Entertainment
John Azma, Isabelle Azma, Matt Hindla – Azma FLT

Walter Lowe