Blackburst is a team of creative artists and skilled technicians.

We are a production team of producers, directors, actors, engineers, operators, stylists, editors and writers. We leverage a network of the best people in the industry to help tell the stories that communicate ideas, entertain the masses and generate results for our clients. Blackburst creates videos, broadcast television, film, television advertising and web video content. We are an Orlando based video production company that creates dynamic content. Our clients range from government agencies, big business and ad agencies to independent producers and inventors. Since 2001, we have focused on creating dynamic, captivating content for clients who need to communicate their ideas effectively and creatively.

Over a decade in Orlando television and video production.

Why we succeed! It’s all about the team and our relationships. Partnerships. Clients. Vendors. Viewers. We work diligently to deliver the best of the best and the people around us notice. Building connections and maintaining positive relationships in the business and creative communities, enables us to continue to due what we love to do, and it shows in our work. When you work with us, you’re part of our team and we’re part of yours, working together to accomplish your goals.